Learn Why It Is Necessary For You To Know How Fast Herpes Virus Shows Up Now

Genital herpes is no less common than oral herpes. While the former is caused by HSV of type 2; type 1 is mainly responsible for causing the latter. In fact, both the types may be responsible for causing genital herpes. It can so happen that a person infected by oral herpes may end up transmitting the HSV germs to his or her sexual partner. In this context, it is important to remember that unprotected sex of any kind, be it anal, oral or vaginal may be responsible for causing genital herpes.

secretion and oozing from sores may help the process of viral transfer
Secretion and oozing from sores may help the process of viral transfer.

Facts About HSV

  • Virus stays localized inside the body. It can neither stay nor survive outside the human system. So, an external site such as toilet seat or sink which has been used by an infected person cannot practically help the process of virus transfer.
  • Secretion and oozing from sores may help the process of viral transfer. Secretions and oozing are also responsible for passing the germs of infection from one part of the body to another. Saliva has a role to play in spreading infection, as well.

How Symptoms And Signs Show Up

  • It is important to bear in mind that outbreaks in forms of sores may not affect every single case. Certain cases may be completely free from outward show-ups and symptoms. For outbreaks to occur and symptoms to show up, time period varies from case to case. For some, it may be as little as two day, after contracting HSV in one minute, while others may take two weeks to twenty days time for symptoms to show up.
  • Before the appearance of sores, itching may take place. Sores initially show up as bumps red in color. Within a week or so, they change over to watery blisters. Thereafter, they may open up oozing fluid and blood. It may take more than three weeks and close to a month's time for sores to heal.
  • With healing, blisters may disappear. But that doesn't mean that you have cured yourself completely from the viral attack. Disappearance of blisters doesn't necessarily imply eradication of virus.
  • It is interesting as well as informative to note that HSV1 as well as HSV2 hides itself in your system, and in due course of time virus tends to reactivate itself. With the reactivation of virus, you may find sores reappearing and relapsing.
  • Relapses and reactivation are case specific. There are cases where four to five outbreaks have been reported, with the same person being affected by viral relapse and reactivation. It has been commonly observed, that future outbreaks are less severe than the initial bout of viral attack. During the latter outbreaks, sores heal up faster than before.
  • Likewise, there are cases where it all ends with one single outbreak. In fact, with a bit of precaution and effective administration of antiviral, you may be successful in arresting further relapses.
important that you adopt a shield of defense
It is important that you adopt a shield of defense.


Symptomatic treatment, anti viral administration, sexual abstinence and adopting a sexual regimen that is healthy and safe are by and large helpful in doing away with the conditions that are not only painful but are also embarrassing. As soon as the signs and symptoms start showing up, it is important that you adopt a shield of defense.

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