A Glimpse Into The Different Common Signs And Symptoms of Herpes Virus

There are certain peculiarities about the viral attack of herpes simplex virus. First and foremost, you may neither come across any discernible outbreaks nor feel anything even after being infected by HSV. In spite of the infection taking place, outward show of symptoms may be missing. Second point of peculiarity concerns the role of sunburn. It is a fact that sunburn triggers outward show of symptoms. This is particularly true of those affected by HSV of type 1. But there are people who are prone to developing symptoms. For them, it generally takes seven to ten days for outbreaks to show up.

many people who are prone to developing herpes in their bodies
There are many people who are prone to developing herpes in their bodies.

Primary Herpes Symptoms

  • Outbreaks taking the form of cold sores/blisters are supposed to be the most common indications of herpes. Areas in and around genitals are commonly affected. Right from oral cavity down to your toes and finger nails, any part may be affected by this blister like outbreaks.
  • As said at the outset, it may take few days for blisters to show up. But before the occurrence of blisters, skin tends to become sensitive, giving way to tingling, burning and itching sensation.
  • Initially, if you are infected, you may notice blisters that are small. Within a few days or so, as the infection becomes severe, blisters are found breaking open. This in turn leads to cracked raw sores. Before the process of healing, you may find small cracks developing on blisters.
  • In certain cases, infection leads to the development of cracked raw reddened patches. Such patches which tend to show up in and around genital areas are usually painless.
  • In rare cases that are few in number, blisters may develop on the inside part of urethra. A word of caution, in this respect. If you find sores occurring on buttocks, anal area, vagina or penis; it is imperative that you check out the issue with a genito-urinary specialist.
the development of cracked raw reddened patches
Herpes infection leads to the development of cracked raw reddened patches.

Other Minor Herpes Symptoms

  • Pain while passing urine is one of the most common symptoms. It mainly tends to affect women suffering from vaginal herpes.
  • Developing symptoms similar to flu is also likely. As a result, you may develop temperature besides feeling feverish and drained out. Physicians in charge of diagnosis may also detect inflamed lymph nodes.
  • Inflammation of lymph nodes, headaches and muscle pains may not be universally noticeable. But these cannot be ruled out if infected by HSV.

What Your Should Be Careful

Do remember that HSV (herpes simplex virus) spreads pretty fast. From one part of the body it tends to affect other. If sufficient care and precaution are not taken, HSV may end up infecting your eyes. Both your eyes may be affected, as a result of this. So, as soon as you notice these symptoms, you should get down to the task of consulting your healthcare facilitator.

If signs and symptoms are mostly noticeable in and around the genital, seeking help from a genito-urinary specialist is necessary. At least, you should brace yourself up for symptomatic treatment and effective follow up measures.


The article gives an deep and thoughtful insight into the possible signs and outbreaks of herpes. The objective is to inform readers about the initial show, development and spread of symptoms from one part of the body to another.

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